Top Baby Names Kerry | How popular is your name?

Top Baby Names Kerry, Ireland

The Central Statistics Office online Data Visualisation Tool enables users to search how popular Irish baby names were/are in any given year in Ireland from 1964 to present. Using this tool users can see the popularity of their own name, or the names of their family, friends etc.

The most popular Baby Girl names for Kerry in 2019 was……Fiadh

The most popular Baby Boy name for Kerry in 2018 & 2019 was…….JACK

Baby names Kerry, top names Kerry

Credit: Unsplash used the name Kerry and the year 2008 as an example. Once the above information was entered, the Central Statistics Office revealed that Kerry was ranked 291 of all baby girls registered in Ireland in 2008. It also revealed that in total 17 baby girls were recorded with the name Kerry in 2008. The Central Statistics offices provides users withthe option to download a name certificate with the name and year.

Baby names Kerry, top names Kerry

baby names Kerry, top names Kerry

How popular is Your Name?

If you would like to check out how popular Irish baby names are, you can do so using the Central Statistics Baby Names of Ireland interactive tool on their website. Where does your name rank this year?

baby names Kerry, top names Kerry

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