The concept of LEANE ornaments is to identify, select, acquire and provide luxury, high-quality, detailed, collectible metallic ornaments designed off and inspired by the icons of Kerry and Ireland

Our mission is simple.

The sole purpose and concept of LEANE Ornaments is to promote Kerry and Ireland by embracing peoples individual relationships and unique stories with these two places and their attractions and icons.

We aim to give you a way to show that you are proud of your relationship to this great County and Country.

No matter what your personal experience and relationship is with this beautiful Kingdom and Island, we just want to give you something that identifies, signifies and celebrates that relationship and story and represents how you are now part of something greater than all of us...

You are now part of Kerry, of Ireland, of her history, and of her glory.

We think you should be proud of that.

Essentially, LEANE ornaments aspires to act as the medal awarded to you to proudly cherish and show off to the world - as if to say - "I'm proud of where I've been, as where I've been makes me who I am, and I will carry this pride wherever I go in the future to come..."


Kilburn, Milltown, Kerry, Ireland

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